Anyone from Kiko, Google Cal, 30 Boxes, etc, etc. Want to Help Us?

The folks at nextNY have been talking about building a New York City tech calendar of all the events, from Meetups to Drinkups to Mashups.  We think it would be a great service to the community.

The problem is that there isn't any calendaring software that actually has a calendar and allows for anyone to post to it without an account or password.   

We'd like to avoid mashing up two services...  like posting in Upcoming and subscribing to a feed in Gcal to publish it in calendar form.

It would be really easy for someone like Kiko or 30 Boxes just to allow someone to create a calendar and allow public posting with some sort of approval or notification... sort of like a cross between a wiki and a calendar.

It would be ideal of we could also subscribe to RSS feeds of other tech events.

It sort of strikes me as odd that all of these Web 2.0 calendars would put limitations on the most basic calander element itself--posting. 

If anyone knows someone at a Web 2.0 calendar company and can get them to create something where anyone can just come and post and display a calendar somewhere, let me know!  We'd like to help pull something together that is of great benefit to the local community here.