My Secret Spot...

There is a parking spot in Manhattan that is governed by no traffic rules whatsover.  None.

No alternate side parking.  No muni-meters.  No commercial parking only.  No street cleaning, no no standing, no no nothing. 

And yet, no one parks there... ever.

Its a completely free, completely empty spot on one of the most traversed roads in the whole city--the most valuable secret in all of NYC.

I know, because I have seen it with my own eyes.  I have even parked there.  Before yesterday, it was just for a few hours at off times here and there. 

Now, it has passed the ultimate test.   I had a breakfast meeting in midtown at 7:30, so I drove in and parked around 7.  It was a 10-12 minute walk to where I was.  I went to work, met someone for dinner, then went to teach my class at 8.

I didn't get back to my secret spot until 10PM.


Still there.  No tickets.

Fifteen hours of undisturbed, unticketed, completely free parking, 10 minutes from midtown.

I kid you not, my friends.  There is a spot the Department of Transportation has forgotten... has overlooked.  It is 20 feet from a hydrant and down the block from a no parking anytime zone....  but this spot is completely free of any legal jurisdiction whatsoever. 

I dare not park their everyday, for fear of giving away its very existance to the proper authorities, but I will definitely use it at my leisure for late nights in the city where I know I won't want to hike home on the subway at 11 or 12. 

Forget great sushi.  Forget great apartment finds.  Forget midnight hookups on C/L. 

I have found the Holy Grail of living in New York City.   Parking.  Free.  Anytime.  No limits.