Here's my Craigslist story...

So, yesterday afternoon, I played a pickup softball game with some Zog folks.


But, unfortunately, I left my new glove at the field.  :( 

I could have kicked myself.

Seperately, I have a Zog softball game tonight and I'm short players for it.  I posted on Craigslist and this guy named Gary responded.  I picked up a few players and now I think I'm good (but if anyone wants to join us, let me know... its a 6PM game on 101st/Amsterdam).  Then I realized that I should probably post in the lost and found section about my glove, too.

So Gary responds again and says, "Hey, wait... were you playing with ZogSports last night?"

Turns out that not only did Gary play first for the team I was on, but he also spotted who found my glove and took it for safe keeping.  I guess he just has an RSS search going of anything to do with softball.  So the glove has been located, some ringers have been added and Craigslist saves the day.