Another be careful not to get fired for blogging story in the Times... YAWN

Just ONCE, I'd like someone to write a story about how students can actually use the internet, blogging and social networks in particular, for good.

The NYT has story today about "outed" anonymous blogging interns....   

I thought we were supposed to be teaching our students how to take advantage of new technologies, not make them afraid.

Companies should be encouraging their interns to blog...  so that they can promote all the great things about their internship programs, the cool things going on at their companies, etc.   They should also be reviewing privacy policies and making clear what's ok to post and what's not.  As long as its done in a responsible way, why would you want to crush your employee's interest in voluntarily associating themselves with their company?  And if one of them is disgruntled... you should work with them to right the wrongs...   not silence their voice.