Dear nextNY and NYC digital community

Tuesday night, nextNY will be gathering after work at
Slainte at 304 Bowery between Houston and Bleeker

You should come...  In fact, if you come to any of our events, I'll put
it out there that this is the single most important event to be at in
the short history of this burgeoning group.


Because, now, we're over the hump of trying to come into existance.  We
exist.  We're 140 on our listserv.  We have a real website.  Now its
not about, "Will this work?" as it is about "Now that this works, what
do you want to do with it?"

So some of us will be meeting at 6PM on the dot to go over some ideas
we have for public discussions, like a Startup 101 with some of the
most successful area entrepreneurs.  But really, everybody there should
be talking about "what next" because the larger this group gets, the
less its about nextNY and the more its about the up and coming members
of the NYC digitial community.   What do we want to be as a whole?
What's the message we want to broadcast? 

In my mind, its that NYC is the best place for ambitious and creative
people to build their best ideas into reality.  But that doesn't happen
if we're all onesies and twosies drowned out by the noise of the
finance crowd of Wall St., the advertising people of Madison Ave., the
actors on Broadway, and all the other industries are huge in NYC.  I'd
love for this group to have a show of force in numbers tomorrow... over
100...  and not just attending... but going home to post Flickr photos,
to blog, to invite others to join, to really turn the volume up on the
buzz...     because our future content needs to be reflective of what
the larger community is interested.  Because if we're to get the large
tech firms like Google and AOL to engage us at all... they've got to
hear the buzz loud and clear. 

I hope you all can make it tomorrow, and please don't hesitate to bring friends.

Thanks for all of your time and effort to make this great.