Worst Mets Trade Ever?

Now that Victor Zambrano has done us all a favor and injured his arm, ending his season, it makes you think of how awful some of the Mets trades have been over the last few years.  Certainly Scott Kazmir has a bright future and has looked brilliant at times, but he has yet to win his first Cy Young, so, while its hard to imagine the Zambrano trade not being a waste, its still too early to tell.

So what is the worst Mets trade ever?

How about Jason Isringhausen for Billy Taylor?  We traded a live young arm with a big 12-6 curve for a 38 year old washed up closer.  Isringhausen would go on to post 215 saves and counting since his 7/99 trade, posting ERAs under 3.00 over the last 5 years straight.  Billy Taylor would go on to throw 29 more innings of Major League ball before taking his rightful place at the top of the scrap heap.