Charlie + e-mail + Blog = Idiocy

Technology can be a very powerful thing.  A computer and an internet connection can give you the tools to create very positive change in the world around you...   right at your fingertips.

Or, in my case, they can be weapons of self destruction.

I have two traits that, when combined with the ease of publication and distribution afforded me by blogging and e-mail, have come back to bite me time and time again.  One day, I think I'll learn.

First is that I'm very "principled".  When stuff bothers me, I always say something about it and make an issue of it.  I think, more than anything else, its because I never think that the people around me make enough of an issue with things.  Sometimes, I've spoken out for people and defended them, or defended issues I believe in...and its a good thing.  Too often, I find myself wandering too far ahead of the crowd and putting myself out there alone without backup or a leg to stand on.

Second, my tone is... well... call it what you will...  abrasive, snarky, threatening...  I mean, it never seems that way to me, but it certainly comes off that way to others.  Sometimes, I'll read an e-mail twice, think its fine, and then wind up totally pissing someone off...  and somehow still not know why.  I've never really concerned myself with style.  Style is style, but content is what really matters to me, so I've never really had trouble dealing with difficult people.  I had a finance teacher that would routinely say obnoxious things, but at the end of the day, he was the best teacher I've ever had, hands down... and that's all I cared about.  However, not everyone works that way and I need to do a much better job of realizing that.

So today's lesson comes when I was supposed to play with a team of people in a big dodgeball tournament with a lot of tech firms tomorrow afternoon.  There was an entry fee, which is fine, but then I balked that non-members of this venue would have to pay $25 each for a "day pass" to use the "facilities" even though we were already paying to rent the space.  So, I went around the organizer, straight to the venue and e-mailed them.  I basically said, "Hey, we're not even going to use the other facilities, and you know what, you guys are getting a lot of publicity out of this because its going to be full of bloggers... so how about some free passes."

Well, that was the jist of what I was trying to say anyway.  I think the part about how my blog gets more traffic than the venue's website was probably overkill... definately.

The result?

The venue passed it back to the organizer, who then decided that, probably rightfully so, that I was more trouble than my participation was worth, and poof, we're out on our butts.   Booted from the tourney!

We were so excited... I had  a whole team together that was all pumped to play... I've been talking about it for days...   and now nobody on my team can play because of my own stupidity.


I suck.

Its amazing that any of you still read what I write...