Ugh... Do I want to move again??

So I'm realizing that my commute is like 11 minutes too long and my neighborhood is one detached $2 million house too residential.

Its kind of funny, actually, because the first five months that I was living here, I was dating someone in Park Slope, which artificially split my commute in half.  It was rare that I was making the full trip at one time.  Now, admittedly, its kind of annoying.

Plus, I've had a lot of friends start to move into Fort Greene.  That got topped off when we went to see a company right in that neighborhood last week that had an awesome walkup space. 

I really dread the thought of moving again.

Well, first I need to figure out what I'm doing next year so I can size up my bite size.... so I'm probably not going anywhere in 2006.   

But it doesn't seem like this Bay Ridge thing is going to last.