In the Case of My Untimely Demise

I have this bizzare little habit everytime I fly on a plane.

I e-mail myself a simple last will and testament.

Then I e-mail my friend Brian the password to my e-mail, in case the plane goes down.

I'm not even afraid of flying or anything...   but while the plane is boarding, I tend to get board and my mind starts wandering.  I figure for the minute that it takes, I might as well have my stuff in order.

There is one thing that I've been putting in it, though, that I can make public here, though.  Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, but while I have your attention, I think I'd like to make one request public.

I don't want a wake and I want to be cremated.  I really hate the idea of "embalming" and the being put up for display for a couple of days, then being dropped in a box in the ground left to decay.  I mean, come on, does that sound appealing to you?   Nope...  as soon as I go, harvest me for whatever organs people need, and then toast me.  Spread the ashes places I cared about, like the Boathouse or Fordham or something like that. 

Sorry if that was morbid, but that's life.  Now you all know what to do with me should I overdose on Jamba Juice.