Another Strike!

...but this time, its doormen.

I wouldn't have even known, except that Fresh Direct sent around a notice.

"As you may know, if an employment contract agreement is not
reached, 28,000 doormen, elevator operators, porters, and other
residential building employees have indicated that they will strike on
Thursday, April 20, at 11:59 p.m.

We anticipate a strike could bring delivery complications for your
FreshDirect order. As a result, we encourage customers in affected
buildings to schedule deliveries for early in the week. In the event of
a strike, we plan to reduce time-slot availability on Friday, April 21."

Wow... this could be almost as tragic as the taxi strike.   Remember that?  The streets were mostly clear of traffic.  Everyone took public transportation.  Oh... wait...   that wasn't so bad.

With this doorman strike, people might need  open their own doors!  Lord, they might even have to get packages sent to work!

Cry me a river.

Maybe we'll start opening doors for each other!  How nice would that be?

BTW...  Some woman kept the door at the gym open for me yesterday even though I was like a good 20 feet from the door.  Maybe she's practicing for when her doorman is gone.