GCal: Hey Google, don't forget to crawl my gmail account!

Arrington just posted some early screenshots of the Google calendar.

He also writes:

"It’s also clear from the event creation functionality that Google is is

going to attempt to aggregate events like eventful and zvents do now."

I think that was a pretty obvious move for them...   I wrote about that back in October

As for the rest of my wishlist for Carl Sjogreen, I don't want to have to enter in all the events that I'm interested or go searching.  I use Gmail...   please crawl it to determine stuff that I'm interested.  Coming up with something that looks at all my e-mail, figures out that I want all the Met games on my calendar, kayaking stuff, Rammstein concerts and the Philharmonic Concerts in the Park shouldn't be too hard.

Oh, and went my friends send me e-mails about their birthday parties that aren't evites, make those dates clickable so that I can add them to my GCal.   And please, please make it sync with outlook, otherwise its a non starter b/c then I can't get it on my phone.

Oh, and a publishable calendar widget for my blog would be great, too...  so people could tell when I'm busy and see where I am so they can stalk... err.. visit me.

Thanks for your time.  Feel free to contact me to be an alpha tester.  I promise I won't blog it until I'm allowed to. 

PS...   I assume Gcal will eventually get placed here.