More Subway Thumbing

Man, I am starving...and I had a smoothie before I left.  It didn't really take.

The subway is really crowded.  Hopefully it won't be too long before I can start biking again.  Seems that we're having our February weather in March, though.

Onlt five or six weeks until softball.  I went to the cage at Chelsea Piers yesterday.  This is going to be a breakout softball year I think.  This is probably the first year that I've fully embraced the idea that I'm not a hardball player anymore and that, from here on in, its softball.  I even bought a new glove, which needs some working in.

There's a couple in front of me chatting... This has to be one of the most irratating pair of individuals I've ever seen.  They're trying to talk in some kind of code so not everyone can hear them, because he's standing and she's sitting.  Obviously, they haven't really practiced their code, because they're not getting it.

"...Do you mean the first thing or the second thing?"

"What second thing?  The thing from the other person involved?"

"No, your second thing...from know..."

*Smacks hand on head.*

I'll bet you they're not even talking about anything remotely interesting.

No one seems to notice that I'm wearing two different sneakers.

It was an accident.  I had two pairs at work and grabbed a mismatching pair...  I'm just lucky I didn't get two lefts, or, even worse, two rights.