My Personal Tipping Point on Gaming

I was having dinner with a friend of mine last night and she told me how a guy that she's dating has a scheduled appointment every Sunday afternoon to play one of these massively multiplayer online games with his college buddies.  They play every week, and they also meet in the game on Wednesdays to go over strategy.

I know that people really get into games, but this is different.

This is social.  Its enabling people to collaborate and place shift their entertainment in such a compelling way that they're making time for it on a weekly basis.

What other kinds of entertainment are you scheduling weekly?  How many TV shows do you still watch religiously compared to 5 years ago?  10 years ago?

This makes me want to go out, get an XBox, and call my brother in Tampa to get one, too, so we can to something together on a regular basis. 

That's a really big value proposition.  Really big.