Its not like that in NYC...

Anyone who feels like "There's too much going on...."
should come to NYC.  Think of is like the Momma Bear.  We're not too
big, not too small...  not too hot, not too cold...   we're just
right.  It doesn't feel like a bubble in NYC, but it also feels like
there's a lot going on

Caterina writes:

"There's too much going on.
Every night there's a Mashup get together, or a TechCrunch party, or
it's Tag Tuesday, or SuperHappyDevHouse or SXSW or this conference or
that conference. And this stuff is fun. It's a real community. But all
of these things are great by themselves, but terrible in combination. I
see some entrepreneurs in photos from *every single event*. Who's
talking to the users, writing the code, tweaking and retweaking the UI?
It ain't the Chief Party Officer."