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So yeah, my wallet got stolen from the Boathouse.  I've had quite a streak of luck there lately.  First, I lost my digital camera... and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure where the heck it is, so I won't say it get stolen there.  But today, someone definately got my lock open at one of our locks and made off with my wallet.  To be honest, our locks are pretty crappy, so, in the future, its probably better to bring you own lock.  But still, I've never had a problem there before.  There are so many volunteers down there, that we notice sketchy characters right away.  Taino suggested that maybe someone else got the wrong locker and cracked open the lock thinking it was their locker.   Then, seeing a wallet just sitting there, they just made a spur of the moment grab.  Punks.

The funny thing is, they left my Treo 650 just sitting there.    They had no interest in a $600+ phone.  Instead, they took my wallet, which had $80 and all of my credit cards.  Well, you gotta assume I'm going to cancel the cards... and if you just want the cash, just take the cash and leave everything else.  Morons.

Everyone that I told was more concerned about my driver's license.  I guess, to most people, they'd rather incur a substantial monetary loss than have to go to the DMV.

Anyway, I just cancelled and reordered all my cards and stuff.  In the meantime, I have no cash, save for my change jar... so I'll be making a trip to Commerce Bank and using their little coin machine.  Maybe I'll have enough to feed myself, because I'm temporarily living in my friend's apartment until my closing on Thursday and she sure has hell doesn't have any food in the house.  If anyone else wants to bring me food, call my cell.

What really sucks, though, is the fact that I lost three items in my wallet that were really important to me.  One, I had one of those little plastic funeral cards from my grandfather.  Second, I had a 10 year old generic blue gum wrapper that my high school girlfriend gave me on the first day we ever met.  I know that's cheesy, and the girl hates me now, but I guess I'm just sentimental.  And third, I had a five pound note that was a momento from my trip to London a few years ago. 

Thieves.  They should be shot and then forced to tag for the rest of their lives with Yahoo MyWeb 2.0.