NYC Fire

The NYT wrote an interesting little piece on the New York technology scene...  in the Fashion & Style section. 

Fred thought this story should have gone in the Business section, and at first I would have agreed, but now I think that was a good place to be.  A lot of my non-tech friends noticed it there and started asking me more about what I do.  These are people that otherwise wouldn't have read the Business Section.  I think the more you get the mainstream aware of this important NYC industry, the better.

But let's be clear, the New York digital community isn't a trend...  its an important part of the area's economy had has been for some time.  And, as I've made the case before, as media and technology converge even closer together, its not just a part... but its going to be even more of a cornerstone.

So, we're not just standing next to the fire of what's going on in the Valley, as the Silicon "Alley" copycat name might imply, we're lighting the fire.  We're fueling it.  But, to be the fire, we need to act like we are.  Step one would be responding to reporters who act like the current digital environment is a "rebirth" or "1998 all over again."

Its 2006.  The "rebirth of Silicon Alley" angle is a tired one.  NYC didn't die as a center of innovation any more than Silicon Valley did over the same time period. 

So, if you're covering the New York tech scene... stop writing about the past and start talking about the now and the future.

"This fire is out of control..."