nextNY = Bratpack 2.0^NYC

Sometimes, it seems like if you're on the west coast, everybody knows somebody at a startup.  The perception is that, every night, there's a blogger dinner, tech BBQ, geek swap or launch party (Oddly enough, I did the math and there have been more launch parties than actual startups.  Alright...fess up!  Who launched twice?).

But yet, as I see more of the TV creep onto the internet and vice versa, the growth of mobile media and services, and this whole new web revolution being underwritten by online advertising, I realize that New York, maybe more so than any other place in the world, is positioned to be right in the center of this new batch of innovation.  We've got big media, small media, WeMedia, telecoms, tags, culture, Madison Avenue, music publishers, and schools well positioned to fuel the fire with programs like NYU's ITP and the Parsons Design and Tech program, not to mention Columbia engineering and even the highly underrated CUNY system.

That being said, I thought that it was about time to get some of my own peer group together to help ensure that, going forward, New York City is as much the Capital of Tech as it is the Capital of the World.

That's a lofty goal, so we're ok if we just wind up having a good time and meeting cool people involved in the tech and new media space in New York City.  No harm in that. We have some awesome people involved that have provided a lot of great feedback and support, like Jakob, Greg, Carla, these mobile guys, these sticky folks, Maryhope from ATTAP, and a bunch of other cool NYC area movers and shakers.

Is there an age cutoff?  An experience level I can clearly define?  No.  I'm
just conscious of the fact that is just as important to learn from
those who aren't sure what their great accomplishments will be or who
are still working on them, than it is to learn from those who have
already done them.  I learn from other analysts in a different, but of
course non mutually exclusive way than I do from Brad and Fred.  You need both to be successful and this is more about sharing ideas and good times with those people climbing quickly up the ladder, but still on the first couple of rungs.

So join us!

What:   1st nextNY Gathering – Please RSVP

nextNY is a fun way to connect both socially and professionally with young people who have a stake in future of tech and new media in New York City.  Participants generally have less than ten years experience and we especially welcome recent graduates who are just starting their careers.  We’ll be doing some bar outings, idea exchanges, and we’re open to creative ideas on what kind of events we should have. 

We’re seeking:

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Analysts and Principals
  • Programmers
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Undecideds
  • A balanced mix of background, gender, perspective (just like NYC!)

When:  February 22, 2006, 7PM


287 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013 

Cross Street: Spring Street

Directions: 1, 2, 3, 9; A, C, E at Canal St

RSVP:  Please RSVP to Charlie O'Donnell at  Please give us a one or two sentence bio and tell us how you heard about NextNY.