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So I'm home waiting for furniture to arrive from Levitz (aka   They called yesterday with an automatic service to confirm delivery between 8AM and 12PM.

lalalalala...    waiting around...  *twiddles thumbs*

12:00 PM.

12:10 PM.

12:20 PM.

12:30 PM.

Time to call Customer Service.

They have no idea, but they e-mail the warehouse (why not just call?) to ask where the order is. 

The trucking company calls me back and says that the warehouse postponed the order.  Mind you, the furniture is in the warehouse, so I have no idea why they would do that.  Call Levitz back.

Levitz keeps me on hold for 25 minutes (I can't believe I held on that long, but I had nothing else to do).   Basically, for no apparent reason, someone along the chain--the warehouse, the trucking company, etc. decided I didn't really need my furniture today.  It just didn't go on the truck.  No rationale.   They offered me $100 gift certificate.  I just want my furniture.  I told them to just put the furniture on the truck.  No, trucks were out.  Well, when they come back, put my stuff on a truck.  Can't do that.  Yes you can.  You're just not willing to.  Customer lost.

With the company teetering on the edge of yet another bankruptcy, you'd think they would try and do a little better job on the customer service.   Screw the $100...  the right thing to do is to find the guy responsible, put him and his team on a truck, but my bedroom set on that truck, and get me my stuff.  Whoever eats the overtime, Levitz, the trucking company, whoever... I don't really care.  And, I shouldn't have to. 

Plus, everyone up and down that chain should be intent on fixing the problem.  Don't give me, "We'll reschedule."  It should be, "We'll get you that furniture today if the customer service guy on the other end of the phone has to march down to the warehouse himself and get it to you tied to his Jetta."

That's the kind of attitude that wins customers, creates word of mouth, buzz, etc.

You know what Jamba does when they screw up your order?  Even if they just give you the wrong size...  without hesitation, not only do they give you the thing you didn't order, they start all over again and get you your order.  Twice I've gone there and gotten my usual original AND a 16 b/c they accidently gave me the smaller size.  That creates such a positive experience for me.... makes me want to come back.

Bottom line, if they can't get me my furniture today, they're going to take off all the delivery charges and give me $100 off for my troubles.

Who to blame, though?

You know who the buck stops with?  Ward Dingmann, SVP of Logistics at Levitz.  If you leave your image to the guy at the warehouse, forget your company.  So, maybe Ward will Google himself or someone who know him.  He's on LinkedIn, but I'm not connected to him.  So, if anyone knows Ward, let him know there's a pissed off blogger who is without a bedroom set.