NYC is the next Valley - Talkback!

I've mentioned this in parts in other posts, but I want to make a point of saying it here on its own:

There isn't a place on the face of the earth that is more well positioned to be a center of innovation over the next twenty years than New York. 

That's because the most interesting things we're going to see going forward aren't about tech.  Its not about faster chips or bigger pipes.  Its about content and communication, and providing an enabling service layer to finally put to use all the tech we've put in the ground, on our desks, and in the sky over the last few years.

And, to a large extent, that's just as much about creating new business models than it is building anything.  Its getting NBC comfortable with distributing ad supported SNL clips, and targeting those ads so well that I actually want to get them.  Its about being always on only with the people I want to be always on with--and helping me discover those people as well.

It used to be that if you wanted to discover the latest technology, you'd go to a cutting edge university research lab and see something being sodered together on a bench.  Now, you've got just as much of a chance of finding the latest tech in the university dorm room...  and once you enable that kind of entrepreneurial freedom, you start to shake up the way things were done before.

A lot of companies I see now seems to have a need for a business development person in New York City... or one that's willing to spend at least half their time here.  Even Amazon is getting into the media business apparently.  I think the people holding the keys to the kingdom are here in the Big Apple.

Of course, we don't have a perfect storm yet.  There's a bit of a "funding gap"...  we could use some more individual angels interested in doing pre-revenue, pre-business model deals in the new media space.  And, its hard to get cheap space to start a company.  But what we do have, besides a critical mass of media, are some of the most creative university students, more lawyers than you can shake a stick it, and a growing base of repeat entreprenuers and a venture community who has been around the block once or twice now.  I think of this town like a venture powderkeg just waiting to go off.

Or, am I wrong, and is it the case that always is and always was?

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