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CoatSo, about a month ago, I took a personal dispute public.  Adrianna wanted to infultrate and conquer my pleated wardrobe and I was quite resistant.  In retaliation, instead of just opening up to her influence, I decided to create the first open source fashion recommendation system:  Coat Idol.

I needed a winter coat.

People nominated coats in

And now, you can vote on which one I'll buy:  (Note, some of the coats didn't make it, b/c their permalinks weren't so permanent and I couldn't find them again.  Silly retailers.)

Voting ends Tuesday at 5PM.  At that point, I'll blindly place a rush order (its getting pretty cold here) for whatever coat has the most votes.  Please vote only once.

Here are the choices... vote at the bottom.

1) New University Coat (with Thinsolate)  - $198

2)  Columbia Men's Leather Bib Hipster Jacket - $180


3)   Kenneth Cole Reaction Wool Peacoat - $175

4)  Kenneth Cole REACTION  "Boxcar" Coat - $99

5)  Andrew Marc's Marc New York - $195

6) Leather Car Coat - $119


What coat should Charlie be wearing this winter?


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