vSocial is better than YouTube

I just tried vSocial and, while I had a nitpick about the uploading, the results are dramatically different than YouTube.

It doesn't pop you back your video right away, which was annoying.  So, I took my video over to YouTube.  I didn't edit it at all, and just uploaded the way too big MPEG4 straight into YouTube.  Well, not only was the quality of the video degraded, but the framing was all screwy.  It didn't shrink my video down to websize, it just showed the top corner of the video.  That's a dumb service.

So, just now, I got an e-mail note that my vSocial video was ready and I was so impressed with the results.  It looks just as nice as the video I took, rightsized itself, and played much quicker than YouTube.

Now, I don't know if this is scalable or not, because YouTube has a lot more traffic, but if it is, you should definitely be using vSocial for video hosting.