Things you previously didn't know about me from my blog...

I have a closet with three Container Store shelves, each with two large folded piles on it.  The piles are:

  • Nice t-shirts
  • Grey and black t-shirts that used to be nice, but are maybe a little faded, so they're good for wearing underneath button down shirts
  • Decent gym t-shirts
  • Not so nice gym t-shirts and things with sleeves cut off
  • Gym shorts and pants
  • Random shirts with specific usage, like ZogSports t-shirts, softball jerseys, etc.

I have no sweaters.  I always lock the bathroom door, even when I'm in the apartment alone.  I bounce my right leg up and down when I'm sitting without even noticing it.  I hate soccer.  I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow and would easily sleep uninterrupted for 12 hours every night if it wasn't for my alarm clock.  I do not trust the snooze button...  I reset the alarm even just five minutes from now just to be on the safe side.  I have a fear of heights.  I'm eating craisins right now.  I once broke down in a U-Haul truck in Mechanicsville, PA.  Ironically, there was no one around to help us until the next day.  I nearly pass out over needles.  I have a discoloration on my right hand where I tore off a big chunk of skin playing street football when I was 15.  I broke the toilet in my old apartment by standing on the tank to weatherproof the windows.  The whole tank tore from the floor and toppled over.  I managed to get it back, but it was sitting precariously for a month before I left.  Seattle is the next major US city I would like to visit that I haven't been to. 

When I yawn, my eyes tear uncontrollably.  That's my que to go to bed.