Playboy Pics

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I left my book somewhere... Probably in the office. I've been meaning to read more, and so I just ordered like six or seven books from Amazon. That will take me forever to read. I don't have much of a system for reading. I steal time on the train...when I don't bike in. We're at 59th street now... In Brooklyn. Oh, did I mention I'm on the subway? Well, I guess that's obvious from the picture. Anyone intesting gets off the R and walks across the platform here to catch the express. Unfortunately, there aren't too many interesting people on the R to begin with. I don't live in the kind of gentrified Brooklyn that all the skinny hipsters are "reclaiming" from industry and the working poor. I live in real Brooklyn...where people only come into "the city" for work and then they come back home. Its the land of commuter sneaker secretary moms and dads who work for the phone company. As we pass through Sunset Park you get a more interesting, ethnicly diverse crowd. A lot of headphones. Some crossword puzzles. Less newspapers than I ever remember seeing in high school. I love seeing the Chinese newspapers. They're always so bright and colorful and they always make me think of how impossibly hard it would be for me to start learning Chinese at this point. The man across from me is reading the Mets story I read online this morning. I like his coat. Its greenish and looks very warm. Best of all, it has huge side pockets. He's facing me now, to get off at Pacific. I moved across the car to get away from the door. I used to have a coat in high school that could hold textbooks in the pockets. Why is there a woman in lingerie on every page of the Chinese newspapers? Are the Chinese big lingerie purchasers or are these pictures just a way to get them to buy the paper? Perhaps that's just the custom for people getting interviewed. "Thanks for the interview Mrs. Johnson, I'm sure our readers are going to enjoy reading about your company's new if you'll just strip down to your undies, we can take your picture and be on our way." Interesting.

The woman in front of me now has a little black dufflebag with the Playboy logo in silver on it. Apparently, softcore porn is the theme for this subway ride. We're crossing the Manhatten bridge now. Is the Union Square market open today? I hope so. I'm starving. I had an oatmeal and chocolate cube thingy on Saturday and it was great.

The Playboy woman is asleep. She's clutching a napkin and a plastic water bottle, but that bottle is going to fall any second. Canal Street. Next stop. I'm not holding on to anything. I've been riding the subway since I was a freshman in high school. I figured out early on that you have to stand diagonally so you can shift your weight to counter the train in any direction. There's a youngish girl with a diamond Yankee pendent around her neck. There are two people in front of the door. I need to get out now. Bye everyone.