Rocky Balboa: There's still some stuff in the basement

When I saw that they were coming out with another Rocky, I was... um... skeptical.  Rocky V, to me, should have never been made the same way that Godfather III is dead to me.  So, why come back for another one?  Especially since Sly is 60!!

Then I saw the trailer...    Hmm... wow... actually looked pretty interesting.  It totally plays into the aging boxer story, which was somewhat believable since we saw George Foreman do it in real life.

Well, the movie was even better than I could have imagined.  If you liked any of the Rocky movies, this is a must-see.  If you love America and apple pie, this is a must see.  If you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, this is a must see. 

Even though this isn't a true "reset" like Casino Royale and Batman Begins, the movie accomplishes the same success for a franchise that had jumped the tracks a bit.  It is a back to basics plot with a lot of character exploration and development.  Oh, and did I mention Adrian was dead?  In fact, Rocky's memories of Adrian are so touching that, for a split second, we almost... miss her character.  Almost.  Nice jobs all around by supporting characters playing Rocky's son, "Little Marie", and Rocky's Trainer.

You can't help but get goosebumps when the Rocky theme plays.  The fight scene is probably the most realistic of all the Rocky fights, too, and when it's over, you couldn't have asked for the frachise to end on a better note.... a lot better than fighting that Tommy Morrison in the street.

Once again... the trailer: