Entrepreneurial Gathering - Last of 2006

Unless someone is having a NYE party, I think Darren's got the last tech event of the year just about locked up...     Check it out. 

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"Le Pain Quotidien on 77th between 2 & 3rd Ave (Subway:  6) on Wednesday, December 27 at 3pm EST.   The get-together will have 1 hour of formal discussion and then a schmooze fest.  Feel free to spread the word but please RSVP by leaving a comment on [Darren's blog].  Since I’ll be hosting (coffees, teas, pastries), I’d like to know how many folks will be coming… also, no egos please as ideally there will be serial, parallel, and brand spankin new entrepreneurs and I’d like there to be a level playing field for all to participate.  Online folks and offline folks welcome!"