Blog Tag, Which I kind of already did, without the tag part...

So, two days before Jeff Pulver came up with the blog tag game, I posted some stuff you might not have known about me.  Of course, I didn't do tags, so it wasn't much of a game, so now I'll just repost some of that stuff and tag, b/c I've now been tagged twice.  Plus, I'd like to take the opportunity to link to some of my favorite bloggers.

1) I have no sweaters.

2) I bounce my right leg up and down when I'm sitting without even noticing it. 

3) I hate soccer. 

4) I do not trust the snooze button...  I reset the alarm even just five minutes from now just to be on the safe side. 

5) I have a fear of heights. 


Ok, I am tagging Eric Nehrlich, Scott Adams, danah boyd, Niki Scevak, and Brooklyn Met Fan.