Productive Day

Starting later on in the afternoon yesterday, I had an unprecendented streak of productivity around the apartment.

Frankencord...  Vacuum from my Mom that I had to fixRemember the vacuum cleaner that Mom offered me?  (Even though Mom was virtual, the vacuum was indeed real.)  Well, it turned out that she had tossed it in the garbage before the offer and pulled it back from the curb when I said I wanted it.  When it was on the curb, someone cut the electric cord off of it, meaning some vacuum cleaner surgery was necessary.

I give you, Frankencord...

I also put up vertical blinds, too.  This should have been a lot easier, except for the fact that all of the window and door frames in my apartment are metal.  This makes putting anything up in a window a huge New Vertical Blindschore.  I have a cobalt tipped drill bit for this, but the frames are hollow on the other side, so there's nothing to catch the screws.  I came up with a clever way to hang the blinds despite the fact that the screws aren't really anchored at all... I'll spare you the details.


After the blinds were done, I put up Christmas lights, which came out great because, coincidently like my old apartment, I'm on a corner due to an adjoining garage.  That gives me IMG_0423windows on three sides actually, two which are visable from the street.

I even have them set on a timer, so from 6:30PM to 2AM, there are lights on 75th Street. 

I sort of want to just leave them up year 'round, like in my college dorm room, but I guess that's not really socially acceptable when you're an adult.

IMG_0419In addition to the cleaning and window dressing, I also did some cooking...  a new batch of tomato sauce.  Some of this is going to wind up on a pizza, because I was at Cangiano's over the weekend with my grandmother so I bought some pizza dough.  I have some great pizza pans for this, too. 

This is what happens on winter weekend days without kayaking.  Things actually get done.