From the "WTF is my data plan good for then?" files...

So YouTube is going mobile on Verizon phones.  You'll be able to subscribe to videos from YouTube for an extra $15 a month on top of your existing data plans.

So... wait...  Let me see if I have this straight.  Carriers want to resell me what I get on the web for free over and above what I already pay extra to get the web in the first place?  On top of that it's on a smaller screen and bound to be slower.

As it is, most people are already paying $50-100 a month for their phone plans.  Where does that break?  $150?  $200? 

At the point where my phonebill becomes more expensive than insurance on the 'Stang, I will run my phone over with the car and take a video of it.  I will then upload it to YouTube so you can all have it Vcasted to your Verizon phones.

When do the phones break wide open and we have enough WiFi or Wimax or whatever to just walk around with an unlocked VOIP phone and just download freely from the web?

Carriers are making my phone experience about as good as my online experience was with Prodigy...     in 1992.