Please Don't Sell MyBlogLog

Dear Eric and Scott:

     Please do not sell MyBlogLog to Yahoo! or to anyone else at the moment, without taking at least one shot to build this into something bigger.   I don't want to tell anyone else how to live their life and it's easy for me to say this, because no one is offering me millions of dollars for anything, but I think if you sell now, we will have all collectively missed a big opportunity.

     Current social offerings fall way short.  They neither represent how I socialize in real life, nor do they come close to representing my network of connections on the web.  What I love about MyBlogLog is that it forms naturally...  organically...   and it follows me around in most of the places that I spend my time online.   It has connected me with my readers and has so much potential at this early stage.

     I really believe there is little chance at it reaching this potential within the confines of a company that is obviously internally conflicted.

      There are a lot of things in the Web 2.0 world that are features and not companies... that won't ever grow past 50, 000 users.   I believe MyBlogLog is different and I hope you do, too.   I can see a future where every place I visit on the web is socially enabled by MBL and that my network is a true representation of who I share interests with.  I want to go to ESPN and see who the other Bill Simmons readers are...   and see who else is checking out kayaking pages and the nextNY blog.   Most of the people on the web are lurking and MBL shines a light on the audience.  That is valuable to both to the publishers and to the audience.   There are so many ways to go here, it would just be a real shame for it to become a zombY!




If you believe that Web 2.0 companies driven by great ideas have the potential to be more than just misplaced or forgotten cogs in someone else's machine, tag this post, share it, blog about it, link to it, etc...   Send a supportive  message to the creators of the services you love that their community is behind their quest to make a bigger dent in the online world.