Running the Bases: Sweat the Small Stuff

Baseball is hitting, pitching, and defense, right?   Oh yeah...  and you have to run the bases well, too.

Lonnie Smith could have told you that.

Thank God that the Dodgers don't seem to remember the '91 World Series.  I stayed up in my room way past my bedtime to watch that game...  with the TV brightness down and the volume low, so it wouldn't look like the TV was on to a passerby looking at the bottom of the door.

Instead, the Dodgers had two guys get nailed at the plate on the same play and that might have cost them their whole postseason, right then and there.  They should have won the chance they had against emergency starter John Maine, who did a nice, albeit short, job.  Instead, they're going against a HOFer down 1-0 in a short series.

I know that Kuo dominated them in his one start against the Mets, but seriously...  this is the Game Two starter?   The guy's got 5 career starts.  Five.  And Greg Maddux is Game Three?  Well, no one ever accussed Grady Little of knowing how to manage a pitching staff.

This is Bill Simmons' diary of the game.