We IM for this...

IM conversation between me and my friend who I've known since 5 year old T-ball...

Goes back to my point, hitters are stupid. It's why we should have both made the majors

cuth23b: You as my catcher

cuth23b: Me as the lefty pitcher

cuth23b: Just outhinking everyone in the box

Ceo21: Yes, but then both of our bats would need to be in the lineup

Ceo21: Well, no, not if we went to an AL team

cuth23b: Now you're thinking

Ceo21: I don't want to play for the Yanks, though

Ceo21: can we pick a neutral team

cuth23b: Hmmm...

cuth23b: How about Anaheim

cuth23b: Nice weather

Ceo21: I like the stadium

Ceo21: traffic is horrendous, though

cuth23b: Oh

cuth23b: i know

cuth23b: Seattle

cuth23b: Great city

cuth23b: Great park

Ceo21: rain

Ceo21: Let's stick around the Bay area

Ceo21: Oakland

Ceo21: I think I'm a Billy Beane kinda guy

Ceo21: I might even lead off

cuth23b: Haha

cuth23b: From Kendall to O'Donnell

Ceo21: Kinda the same thing

Ceo21: except

Ceo21: he runs

cuth23b: I'll be replacing Zito - that's a lot of pressure

cuth23b: "Well he costs $10 million/year less"

Ceo21: How long before they put the whole infield on the right side for me

Ceo21: the opposite field shift

cuth23b: "Trust me, he literally can't turn his hips - he can't pull the ball."

Ceo21: It would be funny to see the 3rd baseman play directly behind second base.

Ceo21: I could learn to bunt...

Ceo21: every now and then, drop one down the left side... just to keep 'em honest on that side of the field

cuth23b: You could ... I could also learn to slide

cuth23b: Both are unlikely to work effectively

cuth23b: IN theory

cuth23b: They could have the shift

cuth23b: Youc ould bunt

cuth23b: And still be thrown out at first

cuth23b: haha

cuth23b: McCarver's analysis of that would be great

cuth23b: "Sweet Mother of Mercy ... I've never seen anything like it in my life."

Ceo21: "O'Donnell does not run well."

cuth23b: hahaha ... he does state the obvious better than anyone.