Mets - Dodgers Schedule

Orel Hershiser is retired, right?

Good, then I'm not worried about the Mets playing LA.

Wednesday, the Met's will play the Dodgers in the late afternoon at Shea.  Of course, the Yankees get all the primetime games.  All I know is, Kenny Rogers owes me a win for walking the Braves past us in '99.

By the way, now that I'm looking at box scores for the '99 NLCS, how in the hell did Masato Yoshii start in the playoffs over Orel Hershiser?  Yoshii turned it a cruddy start in game one against the D-Backs...   Orel was a money pitcher... sure he was fading into the sunset, but he had a pretty similar year and his experience should have counted for more.  I'm glad we're righting that by throwing El Duque in Game 1.

So El Duque goes against Derek Lowe in Game One on Wednesday at 4PM EST.  Then, Thursday night, here's a matchup for you...  Greg Maddux vs. Tom Glavine.  

Then, they're off Friday and play Saturday.   The Game Three starter hasn't been announced, but either way, I go with John Maine.

Well, this is it... Let's go Mets!