Game 7

I didn't think it would come to this.

I didn't want it to.

I think I'm going to hole myself up in my apartment and not come out until its over.  My whole entire season depends on Oliver Perez.   They better score 12 runs.

I don't understand why we're not starting Darren Oliver.

The guy pitched 6 scoreless the other day... AND...  and this I didn't realize today... he's got a great postseason start under his belt.  In 1996, with the Rangers, he left the 9th inning of Game 3 with a 2-1 lead and two on and none out.  The Rangers bullpen couldn't hold it, so he got the loss, but still...  that makes him a lot more qualifed to start than Perez, who honestly got battered the other night.  He just had a lot of run support.

I don't really understand what goes on in Willie's head.   Maine bats in the bottom of the 5th, only to get taken out after the leadoff guy reaches base in the 6th... that was after he fanned Pujos to end the 5th.  The guy was cruising and he goes to the pen in the 6th inning.  Why strain the pen when your starter is cruising and you know you're going to need at least four innings out of them the next night?   He could have gotten one more inning out of Maine.

So now we get to watch Wild Thing fall off the mound because he can't figure out a windup that works.

They better score 12.  Please, let them score 12...  in the first.