Referrals for Money and Your Chics for Free

Recruiting is a big industry.  People pay a lot of money to get the right people because the right people are key to your business.  That's why a number of attempts have been made to leverage the power of social networking and recommendations to disrupt the hiring model in the job space.

I've never passed on a job any more or any less because of monetary
incentives...   I do it for social capital.  If I actually know the
right person for the job, I pass that job on to create social capital
with both sides, and for some reason that resonates with me more than
the money.  Actually, I think it is because I'm guaranteed social
capital, whereas the money always seems like a crapshoot.  If I pass
you on a job, even if you don't get hired, but you're good...  and the
job was right for you.. .you think of me as a resource and so does the
person doing the hiring.  I make social capital that way.

Anyone building one of these systems should take that into consideration.  What good does passing the job on through your system do me if I don't get paid?  Can it help build my reputation as a connector?  How do you enable me to store social capital?