The Boathouse is Gone

Matt Blumberg reminded me of something I noticed the other day.

The Downtown Boathouse at Pier 26 is gone. 

Both Pier 26 and 25 are being demolished as part of a staged plan to renovate all of Hudson River Park and we knew it was coming.  We got evicted in October, but we also moved to the new Clinton Cove Boathouse at Pier 96 and also to the south end of Pier 40.  Still, the boathouse at Pier 26 had a lot of charm and a lot of memories, so its really sad to see that its finally gone.

I biked over there this morning before work.  Its all fenced in, so I couldn't get closer, but I may go back again and ask the construction guys if I can get a closer look.

Here's the before (from '04) and after.  Also gone is the River Project building (the brown one.)

Photo of the Boathouse from '04


Hopefully, we'll be back in a couple of years, but there's no guarantee.  Still, I'm sure the local community will come together and be supportive when its time for us to fill out the RFP for the new pier.