More Subway Random Thoughts

I'm standing on the subway again.  Rein Raus is blasting in my headphones.  There's something amusing to me about overlaying all of these Brooklyn bound commuters with their su doku, sneakers from under their desks, and their copies of the News or the Post with German industrial music. 

Bam was the word of the day today, by the way.  Whenever  something good happened, I'd turn to Kerri and day bam.  Bam!  I even texted her bam after a good lunch on the way back to the office.  I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts.

Evanecense is on now... Perhaps Rammstein could use some female vocals, too.

By the way, why isn't mining automated?  Its 2006, and yet we still send people deep into the earth to pull rocks out of it.  Seems like something that should be done with robots.  Build some robots and give all these guys jobs running the robots via remote control from the surface.

First impressions are tough because you always think of them as "only" impressions.  I see it with entrepreneurs.  Some entrepreneurs are confident that you've done your homework and that you'll  follow up with questions, but others try to squeeze every single tidbit of info into a meeting that its a little bit overwhelming.  I used to be that way on dates.  I thought that if I could just tell my whole story, they'd like me, but getting the whole story in is hard.  "Wait...did did I tell you I mentor students?  I play dodgeball, and marzapan...  I like marzapan, oh oh, and I go to the philharmonic, too.  Did I mention that?"   I'm sure going out with me must have been like drinking from a firehose.  You live and learn.

I'm really warm in this fleece, but with the iPod, its just too complicated to take off right now.  I bit my tongue yesterday and it still feels weird.  Its amazing that doesn't happen more often.

So in the last three days, I found out that two of my ex's are getting married.  Actually, one is already married.  This year is going to be my five year college reunion...  I guess that kind of thing is going to come up a lot in 2006.