24 Hours on Craigslist

I saw 24 Hours on Craigslist last night and it was pretty damn funny.

I was surprised the theater wasn't packed, given that is the 18th most popular site on the web.  Perhaps if they had put a Craiglist ad up, more people would have showed. 

Basically, they took something like 80 ads from one single day and filmed the stories around them...  everything from crossdressing rockers to moms selling strollers.  Some of the people score really high on the Unintentional Comedy Scale. 

Having met Craig Newmark in person, it was especially hilarious to hear people's comments on whether there even really is a Craig and what he's like. 

The thing is, Craigslist is really a reflection of ourselves in a lot of ways, and so I feel like I learned a few things in this movie:

  1. No matter how creepy you are, there's always someone creepier out there.
  2. There is a really thin line between hilarious and creepy.
  3. There's no fat end of the curve...   In the end, its all long tail.
  4. Its unclear whether anonymity breeds more or less honesty.
  5. Free is good.  People love free.
  6. Homemade cookies are the universal currency.  If someone has 50 pairs of surplus women's army pants, you can trade a bag of homemade cookies for them.
  7. Flash mobs are cool... NYC should have some of them.