This from a girl who tries to kill bunnies...

Heather, who went to the Superhero's Ball as a our defense against the forces of evil bunnies, had some thought provoking words on her blog tonight:

"It's easy to love being in love, and when you're fresh out of it, you
definitely feel an emptiness where something once was. But I know
better than to seek it out from the past. One of the greatest pieces of
wisdom a woman can have in dealing with a man is to know that you
cannot change him. And you should not. The only harmless woman
influence is to help him dress better. And of course if he's a good
one, he will learn from you and you will learn from him to both be
better. But never ever push against a man's nature. If you don't like
him, or your situation with him, as is, don't bother liking him at all.
If he'll ever change, let him do on his own time, and out of his own