My 50 Favorite Movies -- Amadeus (1984)




I don't know which is more brilliant, the title charactor or the movie.  (Well, I know the answer to that, but still, the movie is pretty damned good.)  F. Murray Abraham narrates the movie as Salieri and we obviously get his perspective of the story, otherwise we'd probably see someone a little less childish than Tom "Pinto" Hulce playing Mozart. 

Most of the composers of the past are pretty dead to us as charactors.  What Amadeus did was to bring Mozart alive in our pop culture minds...  to tell his struggling artist & tortured soul story.  It put a fresh face and a story (and a laugh) on a body of music centuries old.  Its really hard to imagine that all that music tying dozens and dozens of instruments together into melodies even little kids know all came from one man.  How much of the story is true to life?  Who knows...  but even a fictional retelling loosely based on fact gets us closer to his life than stale old engravings on a CD cover. 

I wonder what Mozart would listen to today.  I wonder what his Pandora radio station would sound like.