My 50 Favorite Movies -- The Hudsucker Proxy

The Hudsucker ProxySorry for the late movie again... another busy week.

"When is a sidewalk fully dressed? When its Waring Hudsucker!"

"..when the president, chairman of the board and owner of 87% of the company stock drops 44 floors... ...then the company too has a problem. "

When I was a senior at Fordham, I worked with my friend MaryAnn and a Jesuit scholastic, Andrew Wawrzyn, to come up with a spiritual retreat for business students. I was on the spiritual retreat team that year, and very few of the business majors were taking advantage of the program. However, there was certainly a need for a little "refill" after recruiting was done in the fall. Many of our classmates complained that they found recruiting--figuring out who they needed to be to get hired--emotionally and spiritually draining. Therefore we targeted a weekend program specificially to them, but modeled on the Emmaus retreat format.

It turned out to be a great program. Our activities generated a lot of great reflection and conversation. However, we didn't want to make it too intense, so we needed something to do at the end of the overnight to relax, but something that tied into the theme.

We watched the Hudsucker Proxy.

The Hudsucker Proxy is a movie with a nice little message about dreams, perseverence and the pitfalls of greed in business. Tim Robbins is a bright eyed young man with a big idea (you know, for kids) and a lot of ambition. He stumbles into a scheme led by a perfectly cast (sure, sure) Paul Newman that puts him right at the top of a pubic company. The movie is very styled... very 50's, boomtown and big... hats, rotating job boards, fast talkers and a little bit of innocence. Jennifer Jason Leigh is entertaining as the undercover reporter trying to get the scoop on why an imbicile is now running a company.

In the end, Robbins gets the best of them all by turning his big idea into a big success, but not without learning what happens when you let money and greed go to your head. Its a charming story with a solid cast, amusing charactors and a nice pace.

The Hudsucker Proxy :