My 50 Favorite Movies -- Beverly Hills Cop

Its Wednesday, so you know what that means...    my movie selection two days late.  Sorry.

So last night, I went out with my new Zog Sports softball team.  I signed up as an individual, so now I have a whole new set of people I'm getting to know.  I asked someone what their top five movies would be to take to a desert island.  This is a little bit different than saying favorites.  I love Shawshank, but I couldn't watch it over and over and over again on my desert island.

One selection she had was pure brilliance:  Beverly Hills Cop.  And you know, it doesn't even matter which one.  Frankly, I don't even know which one was which.  There's one with Wallyworld and another with Bridgitte Nielson...  They're all kind of the same.  Same plot.  Crime gets committed.  Eddie Murphy is on vacation or accidently around or follows up a lead from across the country and isn't supposed to be there.    He pokes his nose where he doesn't belong.  The local cops haven't a clue and he's just nosey enough to figure it out.  He laughs a lot, flashes that big smile, and impersonates a lot of wacky charactors to get by underpaid rent a cops or receptionists or hostesses.  Judge Reinhold has a gun fetish... and his partner has an ulcer.  hmm.. did I forget anything?

But, the one thing they have in common...   no matter what time it is, or how many times I've seen them before, I'll stop to watch Beverly Hills Cop if I'm flipping through the channels.  That's what makes a desert island movie.  I seriously think I could wake up every morning on my desert island, watch a little Axel Foley, and not get tired of it.  Its not even that its that entertaining...   its just entertaining enough, simple enough...   Its kind of like the movie equivilent of Livan Hernandez.  The guy goes out and throws seven or eight innings every time and gives up three or four runs.   If you knew you had a pitcher who could throw eight and give up four runs, you'd take that every time.  Same with Beverly Hills Cop.  Solid, but unspectacular entertainment every time. 

Plus, how cool is that theme song?  Go ahead... hum it.  You know how it goes. 

So what's your desert island movie?