IM spam getting more clever

[10:28] [Spambot]: hey wats up
[10:28] Ceo21: hi...   Who am I speaking with?
[10:28] [Spambot]: we met at your place a couple of weeks ago
[10:29] Ceo21: That's a bit vague...   can you be more specific?
[10:29] [Spambot]: sean
[10:30] [Spambot]: mixed blk and wht we had oral sex
[10:30] Ceo21: riiiight...  Yeah,  you have the wrong IM.
[10:30] [Spambot]: just kidding i know
[10:30] [Spambot]: this is amanda
[10:30] [Spambot]: we meet at the club the other night
[10:31] Ceo21: ah... IM spam... nice
[10:32] Ceo21: So what else do you have to say for yourself?
[10:32] [Spambot]: we met at the club
[10:33] Ceo21: I think your IM spam engine needs a little work.
[10:33] [Spambot]: ok srry to bother u