Teacher Ratings on MySpace

When I was at Fordham, the students wanted to see teacher ratings.  The teachers weren't a fan of making those public, because they didn't want it to become a popularity contest.  Several online efforts were tried, but they failed because it was tough to get one to become the central place for everyone to rank teachers.

Well, teachers, sorry, but you can't stop information from being free, because now the biggest student network has added teacher recommendations.  MySpace now has a place where students can rate their profs--something that a lot of schools either couldn't do or tried to squash.

I'll add my own ratings, but I was curious about some of my faves... here's how they fared:

Prof. Bob George, Finance... I took him like four or five times.  Fantastic teacher... tells it like it is and doesn't let people shovel the bs in class.

4.37 out of 5.0, even though he's not rated as being so easy, which he isn't for finance novices.


Tests may be intimidating at first and you may not be satisfied with
your first few grades, but if you work hard and study the book and his
notes (do problems, etc) you'll get a good grade at the end. Take him,
to the point and smart.

Great teacher...very sarcastic. Doesnt take attendance but he knows
your name and will hold it against u if u don't show up. Doesn't really
teach out of the book...he doesn't have to...as far as I know he could
have written the whole thing in one night. V

The only option for finance majors. Untouchable when it comes to his
subject matter (go figure - Wharton MBA, Chicago PhD). You will learn
so much in his class and will see if you have the mind to handle true
finance. The most difficult class at FU.

And of course:

DON'T TAKE HIM - You got it?

As for Dr. Darryl Tress, Philosophy:  4.23 out of 5

The intro course to Aristotle was ambitious reading, but Tress does a
very good job of examining the basics, and certainly keeps in mind that
the course is intro level. Extremely helpful--don't worry about the big
words--she'll explain!

Dean Nancy McCarthy:   4.8 out of 5

If it were not for this woman I would never have graduated. If you ever
need anything, she is the person to talk to. One of the best