Yes, I've been watching the Mets

I've been a bit quiet about this baseball season, but I've been watching, not to worry.

Here's my update:

I say a little prayer to David Wright every night that he will watch over this franchise and deliver us a championship.  This guy, at 22, is amazing.  No question about it--he's the best position player the Mets have developed since Strawberry.  Jeez... that's 20 years ago.  Its ironic, too, that he plays third, because historically thirdbase has been a black hole for this team forever.  Something like 150 different people have played third for the Mets in their 43 year history.

I believed in Jae Seo.  Always have. 

Tom Glavine still sucks.

Mike Piazza is the new Jake Taylor.  You watch...  they tie for the wildcard and Piazza lays down a bunt while Jose Reyes scores from second.

I've never seen an infield so divided.  Could Reyes and Wright be more exciting?   Could Matsui and Mienkczewitz be any worse?  Maybe this Mike Jacobs kid will play out. 

Cliff Floyd.  We knew what we got there.  Healthy=good.  He's healthy this year.

Carlos Beltran?  Jeez...    what a bust he's been.  At least he's finally started running.  It would be useful if he could turn it up a notch in September like he did in last year's playoffs.  Apparently, he seems to be better with some broken bones in his face.  Now all the disappointments are trying it.  Randy Johnson.  Adrian Beltre.  Jason Schmidt.  Players from all around the league are smashing their faces against their teammates. 

I don't know how this season will turn out, but I will say that Philly and Houston are pretty beatable and I'm not particularly scared of them.  And... can the Braves stop winning?  BTW... Did anyone else notice that Julio Franco turned 47 this week?

You have no idea how hard I want the Indians to nab the wildcard in the American League.  Can someone tell Jhonny Peralta that he spells his name wrong?

I hope Red Sox-Cards is more exciting this year.  The Cards really didn't put up much of a fight last time.