Got a Box Full of Letters

Almost lose.  Stop.  Look back.  Reexamine.  Appreciate.  Save or renew.

That's Eternal Sunshine.  Oh yeah, there's a big of intrusive memory zapping, too.  What lengths we'll go through to forget people we want to remember.

In ESSM, Jim Carrey has to bring every single item that reminds him of his ex into an office to help get rid of her memories.  What does that bag look like for you?  Do you keep anything you should probably get rid of?  When I had my wallet stolen, I had a ten year old Winterfresh gum wrapper in it.  What's your item?  In the spirit of forgetting, and maybe, in turn, appreciating, that's the topic of today's call for comments back.  Name the item you keep from a past love that you should probably get rid of. 

Jim's bag is full of stuff.  Drawings, a snow globe...   and his head is full of stuff, too.  We know that because we get to walk through it and it results in a visually creative, fun, and thoughtful take on how much love depends on our own screwed up heads.  He's great in this movie and I really think he does a great job in most of his pseudo-straight man roles... he's a good actor.

I sweat Kate Winslet in this movie, too.  I've always loved crazy chics with Crayola hair, especially when they have a sensitive, vulnerable side they only show to a select few... always made me feel special. 

The movie is made by Focus Features which also did Lost in Translation.  Its the "specialty" unit of Universal... both movies are indeed very special.