My 50 Favorite Movies -- Shawshank Redemption

Its 3:49PM on Tuesday, which means its time for my regular Monday movie post. 

Sorry, its been busy around here...

Aren't all of you supposed to be on vacation, so I can go, too??  Instead we've got all these great deals to work on.  Damn you!

Anyway, I asked someone over the weekend what my movie should be this week... without even saying what movies I had seen or liked or giving her a choice.  Her response was exactly why I agreed to post it, because its something we've all seen and I've never met anyone that didn't think it was a great movie.

"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'."

Now you know... and everyone knows.  Its just a fantastic movie all the way around.  Its a difficult, but beautiful story of friendship in the harshest of circumstances, and an interesting commentary of the world "out there" versus the world "in here" and what it means to be innocent.  Shawshank Redemption may very well be the best movie of my generation...  and Morgan Freeman is definitely one of the top 5 actors of my generation.  What's amazing was that Shawshank went a complete 0-fer in the Oscars, because it was up against Forrest Gump, which cleaned up, and Pulp Fiction. 

I've only seen the movie twice.  Its not the kind of movie to see over and over again... its just too much to take.  Either way, its truly a great piece of work.  Tim Robbins also does a great job, but I think his charactor gives him a little wind at his back.  His charactor is just in the right situation to really result in a great performance, whereas I think Freeman does a little more to get Red there, but now I'm being picky.