Untethered and Out of Sorts

You've probably noticed that, while I've been moblogging, I haven't really been posting much of substance in the past week.  That's mostly because I've moved... well, sort of.  I'm staying at my friend Joy's apartment, who was on vacation for a week and is now consulting up in Hartford.  I needed to be out of my apartment last week, but I'm not closing on my new place until Thursday.  So, all my junk got moved into the new place, except for me and my clothes.  The owner was nice enough to let me keep stuff there before my close, but I can't move in until I actually own it.  So, I'm living this unfortunately temporary life that has really messed with my head.  This happened when I first moved into my place four years ago *wow* and I hadn't finished assembling all my Ikea stuff.  When I'm not settled at home, it really affects the rest of my life.  I have trouble thinking, trouble committing to decisions.  I could never be a salesguy on the road.  As much as I like my mobile/wifi lifestyle, I need a warm cozy hearth to return to at the end of the day.  It gives me somewhere to anchor my thoughts and frees up my mind to execute better.   

Here are some pics from last week's move... thanks to Pastore and Cory for helping out...

Photo 262

Photo 266

Photo 263

Photo 264