Nivi's Event Ideas and Event RSS Feeds... and a plug for Your Web 2.0 List

Nivi, ever the web services innovator, is calling for a groupcast via of Bay Area tech events.  He also highlights a potential use not only of, but of RSS in general...   So, now I'm adding another slick app to my "Things that I want" post...  Give me a little widget that subscribes to RSS event feeds.  It should be a holding tank for things I might potentially want to go to, and let me just click "yes" or "no" as to whether or not I want to go to them.  When I click yes, it should automatically populate Outlook.  Evite needs to get on that, too.  I'm tired of copying and pasting event data to my outlook and getting events in my e-mail.

PS... I'd love to hear your "Things that I want out of Web 2.0".  If you blog a list, trackback to my original post here.

Link: Nivi : Introducing: The Bay Area Technology Event Groupcast.

"P.S. Wouldn’t it be cool if


      We entered event information (like time and place) in the “extended” field.


      Then ran the feed through some kind of hcal web service that automatically translates the “extended” field to hcal format.


      And finally subscribe to the hcal-ified feed with a calendering program?

Answer: Yes, it would be wicked."