My 50 Favorite Movies -- Sneakers (1992)

Robert Redford will show up again on this list, and both Dan Ackroyd and Mary McDonnell have already appeared.  Same, too, with Ben Kingsley.  Perhaps I should just have made this a Top 25 Actors list.

Sneakers is about a quirky cast of characters that gets paid to break into things so that no one else can break into them.   Then, when one of them gets discovered to have a not so clean record, they need to break into a place to break their friend out of trouble. 

There are a lot of characters in here...  maybe too many, but its a bit like Ocean's Eleven, where none of the characters really get developed to deeply, but you just kind of have fun watching them play the game with each other.  In addition to the aforementioned repeaters, those making their first and perhaps only (although that's subject to change) appearance on my list are Sidney Portier and the late River Phoenix, who both do a great job as well.

In any case, in addition to being a fun, quirky, and geeky movie, it sounds fantastic.  James Horner's soundtrack is worth a purchase, and listening to Branford Marsalis play the sax is worth the price of admission.  The soundtrack seamlessly sets off the movie and you probably only realize how good it was if you listen to it separately afterwards.