Investments and More: VC's - Top Brass Solid, Others not

Link: Investments and More: VC's - Top Brass Solid, Others not.

an outcome is significant to the industry. From my perch, the partners
of most tier one (i.e., Sequoia Capital and Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson)
and tier two (Mobius Venture Capital) venture capitalist firms are
"worth their salt". The principals and associates are hit and miss
jobs. Usually, the associates are the worst, with huge egos and usually
spotty operational, idea, and strategy skills. The associate is usually
from some power investment banker outfit. They are deal guys. They know
how to get a deal done and that is about all. They usually possess
little vision, strategy, or operational capability. Some make it, some
don't - others succeed because of luck or politico.

This is just too funny. 

Here's a test...

Ask 10 people in the venture capital industry to name the top 5 VC firms not named Sequioa or Kleiner...    there will probably be very little overlap.

Even harder...   ask them to name the top 10 VCs that don't work at either of these firms.  There will probably be next to no overlap.  That's because there is no "best" VC.  There are "appropriate" VCs for your business and then there are varying network sizes, experience, etc. 

For example, John Doerr is by far not the best VC...   

...for a company making next generation semiconductors.

Mike Moritz is a terrible partner... 

...for an early stage biopharma deal.

Fred Wilson?   Wouldn't let him near my company...

...if my company was a based in India.

You get the picture.  Find the right person for your company and stay away from other people's lists of the "best" VCs.